Seedling Planting ~ Mature tree maintenance -  Ivy Removal - - Planting Projects ~ Seed harvesting and storage ~ Education - Campaigns - Supporting existing projects and organisations who have similar goals. - Working with governments ~Remediation ~ - Helping people dependent on firewood find alternatives ~ Lobbying governments ~ Improving tree health by inproving the health of the forest floor - e.g. by removal of invasive species.


Are you clear in your mind about how we humans fit into local and global ecosystems? Do you compute that tree numbers and tree health are high up in the existential WAR being fought on the planet? How vital trees are to your existence?. (People can be wilfully blind about such things). Are you as a living being able to clear away the noise and early indoctrination.


Forests - City Trees - Tree care in a built environment - Orchards - Garden trees ~ Commercial plantations and Agroforestry - Green islands. Protected areas that can be systematically interconnected. ~ Preventing droughts and famines by afforestation e.g. Could the tragedy in Syria have been made more difficult to bring about - Linear Orchards in hedgerows. also bordering walkways. Healthy forest floors are critical to the health of trees.

What can I do?

Authority or permission is the first requirement.


Who is your local tree champion? Is there one in your area? Could you become a local node in a network? Do you want to be a helper?

There are several databases that need to  be populated, Treezilla is one,

Are there any such databases that include pro-tree people?desired then a planter/tender/guardian can have an entry with optional details

plantations Planting

Trees care in a built environment Orchards


Enemies and action

Sheep. Sheep grazing kills the seedlings. Action - Protection:- Education is needed.  Use of the law should, IMHO be the second option,
Deer ditto
State and commercial forestry They deplete the fertility of the land and introduce alien species. Action - Lobbying government
Estate ownership for game
Agriculture - Farmers ... Action  - Hedgerow tree planting  - Larger farms to allocate land for tree planting -