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Removing Permanent Marker. Many parents with kids, or people working in offices, will have experienced the problem of someone using permanent marker on a dry-erase board or other similar surface.  Removing the “permanent” ink is remarkably simple. Just scribble over top of the permanent ink with a Dry Erase marker.  It will almost instantly dissolve the permanent ink and you can just wipe the surface clean with a dry cloth or whiteboard eraser. -- Matt Wilkins, Calgary, AB Canada

Wash your hands. The current Ebola Scare should remind all of us that simply washing our hands before eating or handling food can help us to avoid disease. By the way wetting the hands before before squirting can reduce the absorption of hand cleaning liquids through the skin. Also note that excessive protection of children from "good dirt" is believed by many experts to be the main cause of the of the massive increase in allergies in our populations. David Edmunds MK UK

Rust Removal Tip - Rust spots and pitting on chrome can be easily removed by balling up a piece of aluminum foil, wetting it with Coke and rubbing. Best to use gloves if there is a lot of rust -- Carla S

Garden Tip - When coiling up a long hosepipe don't try to achieve a loop in one go, first feed it into a figure of eight, then bring the two coils together. This way you can avoid the tendency to twist. I saw some workmen pulling an extremely long cable out of a pipe in the the ground and now copy their method. You can do the same thing with ropes and cables. -- Annie Weston

Red Wax Stain in carpet: I have the answer and it takes less than 5 minutes. No hot irons required. If you have a small shampooer, boil water in a kettle and pour it directly on the wax. Suck it up immediately. I did this on a white wool rug and was amazed to see the wax and the colour disappear totally. Lynne L. Lowe Cambridge, Ontario Canada

Hi, Very helpful site -- Heynspyou35

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