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Web Design

 HTML or an authoring program? You do not need to be a web wizard to produce a web page; Many Internet Service Providers have wizard based programs to get you started. The more professional programs are not that really that difficult so if you can afford them they are probably the best way to get started.  Becoming an HTML writer can come later.

Dreamweaver from Macromedia, is in our opinion the best, if you like wizards then Microsoft's FrontPage is for you. Also available are Adobe PageMill and NetObjects Fusion.  Drawing programs (at least the newer versions do) such as Corel and Serif also have features that allow you to design and publish a website.

Finding the Right Hosting Company - Some of the cheaper web hosting companies give a good service and value for money but once your traffic gets above a few thousand visitors a day then going over to one of the bigger and better organizations will usually give you a service that can add a competitive advantage. Things like speed and the extra high level of service you should expect.

Adding space above a line; To force more space add a larger character colored to match the background color of the page. -- Rob E

Try Webmonkey for advice and tutorials: www.webmonkey.com 


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